Marketing the Future of 3D: Insights from Hugo Le Calvez at Eisko (EiskHow?)

Join us in the latest EiskHow? series, where we delve into the innovative world of 3D technology with Hugo Le Calvez, the Chief Marketing Officer at Eisko. Hugo shares his expertise on how Eisko’s marketing strategies are crafted not just to attract creatives, but to actively support and enhance their projects with cutting-edge digital human and object digitalization.


How Do You Approach Lead Generation Differently at Eisko?

My role in lead generation is unique. Instead of pursuing customers, I focus on how Eisko can add value to their projects. Our clients are knowledgeable, and we learn from them. We’re all about being genuine and proactive, and since our work is visual, there’s no room for anything less than authenticity.


What Sets Eisko Apart in the 3D Digital Doubles Market?

We don’t just see ourselves as a 3D studio. We are experts in making digital versions of humans and objects. For over a decade, we’ve been helping not only creative studios but also more traditional businesses to realize their artistic and innovative visions.


How Does Your Team Decide on Marketing Innovations?

When creating marketing materials, we always consider what the next big step for our clients could be. It’s about merging art with technology. As pioneers, we’re also one of the first to offer advanced deepfake services, always with a strong commitment to ethical standards and the protection of digital identities.


How Does Eisko’s Ethical Approach Influence Its Marketing?

We believe in the power of technology but also understand the responsibilities that come with it. Our marketing reflects our commitment to ethical practices, especially when it comes to digital identity. We’re not just selling a service; we’re offering a partnership based on trust and respect.


Thank you for joining us in this conversation with Hugo Le Calvez. For more insights and updates on the evolving world of 3D technology, subscribe to our EiskHow? series.

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