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Quantitative evaluation and perceptive simulation of the effects of cosmetic and dermatological products.



Holistic, accurate and bias-free characterization of skin and products properties

With over 10 years of experience, Eisko has developed a full range of services to support leading cosmetic companies over the whole cycle of their products development : from clinical studies on the skincare and makeup formulation, scientific claims assessing product efficiency to innovative marketing testimonials.

Clinical studies

CRO for development and evaluation of your cosmetic and dermatological products formulations

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO), we are supporting your clinical studies by characterizing the metric and optical properties of the skin before and after product application. Our disruptive technology enables us to comprehensively and accurately assess the skin's characteristics and how they change along the treatments.


Selection of volunteers and contractualization

We conduct the selection and contractualization of volunteers according to the specific needs of your clinical study: morphology, skin tone, age, gender, dermatological specificities, sensorial perception... We organize the monitoring of the panel to ensure the accuracy of your clinical test. 


3D acquisition

Characterize skin properties down to 15 microns before and after treatment

Our 3D photometric acquisition technologies empower us to measure face, head and body, down to the smallest-scale features such as pores and fine lines.

Our 3D capture systems allow to extract at a 360° angle both meso and microscopic reliefs of the skin together with its optical properties such as reflectance, absorbance, specular intensity, roughness, transparency and relative index of refraction IOR.

Eisko's 3D scanning system

Analysis framework

Define your Cosmetic Descriptors on any Region Of Interest

Our analysis framework allows the definition of new cosmetic descriptors on any Region Of Interest (ROI) of your choice, on all or part of the face, head, and body. This framework permits to compute statistical analysis (average, variance, correlation...) on 2D material properties and on 3D metric information extracted from the acquisition.

Capitalize on your studies by reusing your regions of interest among different subjects and studies and by constituting training data sets.

Scientific claims

Accurately evaluate the effect produced by removing the biases.

We provide support for the definition of your scientific claims through the 3D reconstruction and matching of different states to accurately assess the product efficiency by removing all traditional biases linked to the differences in positions, expressions, morphologies and lights among the different time-points and subjects.

Marketing testimonials

Innovative marketing testimonials with disruptive technology processes

Because the cosmetics industry is innovative and challenging, Eisko will support your marketing strategies in creative ways to communicate your products and increase digital sales by improving your Virtual Try On application.



We simulate the product effect under different lighting conditions and by varying the physical characteristics of the model.


Scientific visualization

We allow the scientific visualization of your cosmetic descriptors directly on the subject.


Virtual Try On

Your consumers can virtually test the application of your products with our accurate Virtual Try On technologies.

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