Freaky Hoody

Unveil the enigma: discover the full body 3D model of the most tattooed man available for free download.

Jane Wojtkowiak / The Fetching Eye ©

A 3D Model Redefining Art

In a world where individuals shape their own destinies, a true masterpiece emerges - the enigmatic FreakyHoody. Adorned with an intricate tapestry of tattoos, he embodies artistry and self-expression.

Eisko, at the forefront of merging art with cutting-edge technology, embraces the challenge of immortalizing France's most tattooed man and offer you to download his full body 3D model.

Freaky Hoody 3D scanned

Digital Human Revolution

Our full-body 3D model is born from our innovative Digital Human pipeline, utilizing hybrid photogrammetry and technology seen in major movies, games, and cosmetic product evaluations. This ensures lifelike Digital Doubles with PBR textures.

An Exceptional
Digital Double

HD Geometry

FreakyHoody's mesh is made of 20 million polygons, displaying a fine level of detail suitable for any high-end production.

MetaHuman Rig

FreakyHoody is equipped with a dynamic MetaHuman Rig, ensuring effortless integration with Unreal Engine and offering MetaHuman Animator features.

PBR Textures

Experience FreakyHoody's immersive realism with 8K PBR Textures, including Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Displacement, Gloss, and Roughness maps.

Real-Time Rendering

Engage with the Real-Time version ideal for PBR Rendering with seamless integration in Unreal Engine.

Free 3D Model

Feel free to download the 3D Full Body Model of FreakyHoody for evaluation and testing. If you're considering him for your project, don't hesitate to reach out.

Effortless Animation with MetaHuman Rig

Eisko pioneers MetaHuman rig across all 3D characters. FreakyHoody is harmoniously integrated with Unreal Engine, offering Motion Capture through MetaHuman Animator, UE Marketplace access, and more. Elevate your 3D animations combining Eisko quality and unprecedented possibilities.

An Inked Odyssey To Download

Seamlessly integrating into Unreal Engine, this 3D model serves as your gateway to unmatched digital doubles and virtual human excellence. Enhanced by PBR textures and photorealistic lighting, download now to uncover the narrative of the inked man.

Follow FreakyHoody

Special thanks to FreakyHoody, or Sylvain, for embarking on this journey with us! Dive into the life of the world's most tattooed school teacher, comedian, international model, and performer by following him on social media!

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