Eisko is an award-winning Digital Double company experienced in working closely with VFX, Advertising, Video-games and production studios with a particular focus on the 3D modeling and animation of celebrities. We cover all production needs linked to Digital Humans, from head and body 3D scan, to rigging and animation to deliver ready-to-use 3D Humans for all platforms and media.

Digital Doubles
for VFX & AAA


3D scan and Digital Doubles for VFX, Advertising and Video-games

We cover all production needs linked to Digital Humans, from 3D scanning and modeling, to rigging and animation to deliver ready-to-use 3D Humans for all platforms and media.


photometric and photogrammetric 3D scans, everywhere

In Paris and Monaco, our 3D scanning systems for head, expressions, full body and props go beyond simple photogrammetry and deliver photorealistic, ready-to-use 3D Digital Double models.

On set or by your premises thanks to our transportable systems we can deploy for a 3D scanning session wherever you want.

3D scanning session of Margot Robbie for the movie « I, Tonya »

Digital Doubles

Reproduce living or passed away icons

Static, animatable or animated, your 3D Digital Double will be faithful to the most precise micro-expression thanks to our FACS (Facial Action Coding System) technology. The 3D model is ready to use with its PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures. We believe that photorealism is not the goal: it is our starting point.

Digital Double

A 3D model faithfully replicating the appearance of the original subject, ready to be rigged.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Ready for rendering and lighting
  • No blendshapes
  • No rigging
  • -

Digital Double

A rigged 3D model replicating the expressiveness of the original subject, ready to be animated.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Ready for rendering and lighting
  • Generic or specific blendshapes
  • State of art rigging
  • Ready for any animation technique

Digital Double

A fully animated 3D model for any kind of project, from holograms to interactive applications.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Rendered in real-time or offline
  • Generic or specific blendshapes
  • State of art rigging
  • Animated by industry veterans


Your Digital Double

Our photoreal technology allows us to transform the appearence of your custom Digital Human, whether it's aging, chimerization, beautification, weight loss or gain, makeover and much more.


Advanced facial and body rigs

The 3D scan and reconstruction of the full range of a subject's facial expressions enables to produce advanced FACS rigs which perfectly reproduce the expressiveness and emotions of the performer to its finest details, including skin and wrinkles deformations.

Our capability to generate blendshapes adapted to the 3D model morphology and topology empowers us to produce complete body & facial rigs of secondary and virtual characters in a very efficient and consistent way.


Life-like animation for all use cases

The quality and finesse of our fully-rigged Digital Humans along with our performance capture expertise result in true to life 3D animations able to achieve anyone's perfect likeness, either from the retargeting of professional motion capture and video-tracking, or driven from a mobile phone, or directly linked to a text/audio-to-speech solution, with the possibility to edit and keyframe the animation curves.

Eisko A.I. Face Replacement

Eisko has developed an A.I. Face Replacement technology based on proprietary Deep Learning tools pushing the limits of traditional Deepfake. Our enhanced model training method unlocks a groundbreaking resolution of 1024x1024 and allows you to capitalize on the actor’s model to speed up your workflow.

Any Person

We are able to reproduce passed away persons at any time in their life as well as rejuvenating living people always in agreement with the right holder.

We create machine learning training datasets based on existing photos or by capturing the person’s appearance in our studios according to our holistic protocole.


A.I. Face Replacement faithfully captures and reproduces the exact expressiveness of the person being emulated to match the impersonator's performance.

The replaced face is accurately affected by all the light, action and occlusion conditions to ensure a seamless compositing.

To Use

We deliver you with a ready to be composited high quality animated face or with the final composited video.

While drastically speeding up your workflow, you also capitalize on this actual and future projects by having your trained model at Eisko’s.


Meet Louise

Download our 3D model for free

Louise is a 3D Human Model sample who represents among other things the quality of our Facial Rigging and PBR Textures. Download her now to catch a glimpse of our work!

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