After more than 10 years of developing technologies focused on Digital Doubles creation, we are able to tackle any request possible, no matter the field. Since its creation, Eisko has created numerous CGI Actors and 3D Characters for major companies from VFX, Video Games, Advertising and Events.

Digital Doubles Services

Digital Doubles
for Entertainement,
Media & VFX

Our activities cover the full spectrum of needs related to Digital Humans and CGI Characters, from start to finish.

We provide casting, scanning, modeling, rigging and animation services, with means tailored to each production.

Digital Doubles

A 3D model faithfully replicating the appearance of the original subject, ready to be rigged.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Ready for rendering and lighting
  • No blendshapes
  • No rigging
  • -

Digital Doubles

A rigged 3D model replicating the expressiveness of the original subject, ready to be animated.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Ready for rendering and lighting
  • Generic or specific blendshapes
  • State of art rigging
  • Ready for any animation technique

Digital Doubles

A fully animated 3D model for any kind of project, from holograms to interactive applications.

  • HD Geometry
  • PBR Textures
  • Rendered in real-time or offline
  • Generic or specific blendshapes
  • State of art rigging
  • Animated by industry veterans

The best in CGI Actors and Celebrities: artists, athletes, public figures

Our ability to preserve the identity of our subjects, both in appearance and expressiveness, has allowed us to work extensively with celebrities. We are also particularly familiar with the legal framework surrounding CGI Actors.

Covering all your Digital Human needs, from casting to animation

We provide all services related to Digital Humans, available on any platform, for any project or brand. Our transportable 3D capture systems as well as our rigging and animation expertise enable us to provide high-end and cost-efficient solutions for all.

Specialized in celebrities

Confidentiality & high-end quality

Transportable Systems

Mobile 3D scanning systems

Brand Activation

Marketing & PR activation

Cross Platforms

From holograms to VR/AR

Download our Digital Double Louise

Louise is a 3D Human Model sample who represents among other things the quality of our Facial Rigging and PBR Textures. Download her now to catch a glimpse of our work!

Louise Stylish Rendered Square SD

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