A 3D character with a MetaHuman Rig animated with MetaHuman animator

MetaHuman Animator Compatible with Eisko’s Digital Doubles

Greetings to esteemed Video Games Studios, Post Production Studios, and VFX Professionals. At Eisko, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking advancement that is set to redefine the realm of character animation. For over a decade, our commitment to pushing the boundaries in Digital Doubles creation has been unwavering. Today, we are proud to introduce our latest innovation: the MetaHuman rig technology. With this cutting-edge development, our photoreal Digital Doubles seamlessly integrate with MetaHuman Animator and Unreal Engine, catapulting your projects into a realm of unparalleled realism and expressiveness.

Captivating Realism and Precision

Our journey began with a steadfast commitment to delivering the highest-quality Digital Doubles for entertainment, media, and VFX industries. Today, we stand as a leading authority in preserving the identity of our subjects, including renowned celebrities, ensuring that each character exudes authenticity and individuality.

Tailor Made Digital Double

Our Digital Doubles services encompass three distinct levels of fidelity to cater to the diverse requirements of your projects:

Static Digital Doubles

Meticulously crafted to faithfully replicate the original subject’s appearance, these 3D models are meticulously prepared for rigging, rendering, and lighting. Boasting high-definition geometry and PBR textures, these assets set the stage for remarkable visual experiences.

Animatable Digital Doubles

For projects that require emotion and expressiveness, our animatable digital doubles are meticulously rigged to replicate the subject’s unique expressions. Equipped with generic or specific blendshapes, these models are a perfect fit for any animation technique, granting you boundless creative freedom. Now, we also offer a MetaHuman rig specially made to use our high quality 3D models with MetaHuman features, such as Animator.

Animated Digital Doubles

Breathing life into characters, our fully animated digital doubles are a testament to our dedication to achieving true-to-life animations. From holograms to interactive applications, these models, rendered in real-time or offline, are animated by industry veterans, ensuring lifelike movements and emotions.

Introducing Eisko’s MetaHuman Rig Technology

Designed with the 3D artists and developers in the gaming, VFX, metaverse, and experience industries in mind, our MetaHuman rig technology ushers in a new era of character animation possibilities. Seamlessly integrating with Unreal Engine and MetaHuman Animator, this easy-to-use control rig empowers you to bring your Eisko’s Digital Doubles to life like never before.

Preserving Individuality and Uniqueness

Unlike tools that tend to genericize characters, we take immense pride in safeguarding the individuality of each person we scan and reconstruct. Whether you have meticulously designed a character with unique UV and textures or opted for Eisko’s photorealistic offerings, our MetaHuman rig preserves and adapts, making each creation one-of-a-kind.

Enhanced Animation Workflow

At Eisko, we are committed to elevating your animation workflow to unparalleled heights. Our MetaHuman rig service offers an array of intuitive features, including the Facial Board, IK/FK switch, Anim Picker, Foot Roll, Forward Solve, Backward Solve, Set up event, and compatibility with any Metahuman animation, including Mocap. These powerful tools streamline the animation process, allowing you to focus on storytelling and creativity.

Real-Time Updates with LiveLink

Keeping pace with the fast-moving industry demands, our MetaHuman rig service also provides LiveLink for facial animation. Embrace real-time updates and seamless integration, enabling you to fine-tune your characters’ expressions, emotions, and movements on-the-fly.

Embrace the Future of Virtual Humans with Eisko

The future of character animation is here, and it is powered by Eisko’s Photoreal Digital Doubles and MetaHuman Animator compatibility. Elevate your storytelling, animation, and character development with Eisko’s innovative technology, and embark on a journey that captivates your audience’s imagination like never before.

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